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Bovine Fantasy Football Invitational 2022

August 29, 2022 06:00 PM until January 09, 2023 11:00 PM


The inaugural Bovine Fantasy Football Invitational is on!

Eight Bovine customers, two Bovine team members and 17 weeks to determine the Fantasy Football Champion and who claims the $500 first place prize!


The results are in!  

2022 Final Playoff Results

With the Damar Hamlin medical emergency that as of this writing has resolved incredibly well, the final week of the BFFI took an unexpected turn!  

The championship game was unaffected, as Marc's "Philly Cheesestack" was already winning the matchup against Andy's "Bricktucky Bone Crackers" entering Monday night with only Joe Mixon of the Bengals still to go for the Cheesestack.

The 3rd Place game however was still up in the air with four players between the two teams still to play.  In a display of professionalism and fair play, the two teams agreed to split the 3rd Place prize.

Despite an unexpected ending to the season, it was an incredibly fun time and a great way to kick off a new annual tradition at Bovine. All teams that participated this year will be invited back next year. And the plan is to increase the league size from 10 teams to 12!

If you're interested in being invtited to the 2023 BFFI, shoot us a message and we'll be happy to consider you!

Contact Us!


Week 17 -- we have arrived.

The first BFFI Championship is here, and the 1st and 2nd seeds are going head-to-head.

Andy's "Bricktucky Bone Crackers" (11-4, #1 Seed) are up against Marc's "Philly Cheesestack" (9-6, #2 Seed) to determine the champion and the 2nd place finisher.

Meanwhile, Joe and "The Real Jets" (9-6, #3 Seed) battle Dan and his "Giants Expectations" (9-6, #4 Seed) to determine who takes the 3rd place prize and who goes out on the bubble.



Week 16. This is it. The BFFI playoffs have begun. 

While many of you may be preparing for the holidays, three remaining Bovine customers and one lonely Bovinite are preparing their lineups for the fantasy football semi-finals.

It was a great first season with hard fought games every week by all the players.  And now it all comes down to this.

Andy and his "Bricktucky Bone Crackers" (11-4, #1 Seed) face off against Dan and his "Giants Expectations" (9-6, #4 Seed). 

In the other semi-final, Joe and "The Real Jets" (9-6, #3 Seed) take on Marc and the "Philly Cheesestack" (9-6, #2 Seed).

Ho-ho-hold on to your butts!